This section is provided to answer the most common questions regarding our office and the services we provide. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer specific questions about existing immigration laws, applications or procedures on our website. If you have specific questions, please contact us directly.

General Information

Q: What does Roberta Farrell, LLC do?

A: We exclusively handle immigration-related matters including, but not limited to the following: temporary work visas, permanent residency through an employer, permanent residency through a spouse or family member and I-9 and employer sanction issues.
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Q: Where are you located?

A: Our office is located at 2510 Holmes Street, in Kansas City, Missouri. View a map of our location.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: We generally schedule our own appointments. It is best to contact our office directly at (816) 561-7788 or email us at info@farrell-lawoffice.com.

Q: Will I be charged to speak with an attorney on the phone?

A: We do not charge for the initial phone conversation where we establish the details of your case, answer basic questions and determine if we will be able to assist you further.

Q: Can Roberta F. Farrell, LLC handle my case
if I do not live in Kansas City?

A: : Yes. Because immigration law is practiced at the federal level, we can assist with your immigration concerns regardless of where you live. Our current clientele include people in and around the greater Kansas City metropolitan area as well as those located in other parts of the U.S. and in other countries.

Q: What do I need to bring
to my appointment?

A: If this is your first appointment with the office, you should plan on bringing your passport(s), your current I-94 card and any other immigration documents you possess (such as I-20s, EAD cards, previous visa approval notices, etc.). We will inform you of specific documents to bring when we schedule your appointment.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Yes. We accept credit cards through PayPal. There is a 3% fee for this service.

Q: Does you give presentations
on immigration matters?

A: Yes. We have provided private training sessions to managers and Human Resources personnel on employment-related immigration matters. We have also given public talks for various organizations and at colleges and universities.

Questions About My Application

Q: How do I change my address with immigration?

A: It is important that you notify our office of any change of address so that we may update your file. You must also notify USCIS by submitting Form AR-11. You will find a link to complete the AR-11 online on our Resources page.

Q: Where do I go for a medical exam?

A: There are a number of USCIS-approved physicians throughout the United States. You will find a link to the online database that will help you find a physician in your area on our Resources page.

Q: What are my photos supposed to look like?

A: USCIS has very particular requirements for the photos they will accept and it is not recommended that you get photos taken without knowing these requirements. You will find a link to the specification page on USCIS website on our Resources page. We suggest printing this page prior to getting photos.

Q: How can I learn more about
what visas are available for me?

A: Although there is plenty of information and misinformation available on the internet, it is the job of the attorney to assess your full immigration history, your current situation and what your needs are to determine the best course of action. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a consultation to learn what options are available to you.

Q: How do I find out the status of my case?

A: If your case is pending with USCIS, their website allows you to check the status of your case online. You will find a link to this site on our Resources page. You will need to have your receipt number in order to utilize this feature

If your case is pending with the Department of Labor, their website does not currently have the ability to provide an update online. The DOL is hoping to add this feature to their new website which will hopefully be available in early 2011. You can check the current processing date by following the iCert link on our Resources page and clicking on the “PERM Processing Times” tab approximately a third of the way down the screen.

Disclaimer: This website is intended to provide general information about our office and the services we provide and is not to be construed as legal advice. Individual situations may not apply to the information given on this site. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for on our website or if you would like to set up a consultation, please contact our office directly.